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Introduction/Availability for Voice & Audio Work

2014-09-10 01:29:09 by Scotlank


I am Scooter/Scott AKA Scoota Lank from the Stainville series and this is my Newgrounds account.

I make music which you should check out (new material soon) --->

and I also do sound work. If anyone is looking to have one of their movie/audio projects mixed, let me know and I may be available to help. I even might be available for voice work on projects if you need someone. If you are familiar with Stainville, I voiced multiple teachers, creatures and of course the character based off of me- Scoota. <--- this is an example of post-production/sound work I can do and this was created two years ago- it was over a year before I went to school for audio engineering. Looking back at it now, it's alright. It's a fraction of what I can do now but it's the most well-rounded piece I have on Newgrounds imo. 

I'm not overly proud of the audio work I've done for the Stainville series, the process was complicated between flash messing with/compressing audio quality and the application I work in having difficulty with playing back the video file I was editing. In short, it was just a headache- causing me to have little patience to work with it. In addition to that, there were two episodes where digital distortion was added to audio when it was uploaded to NG- probably a Flash issue when it was rendered/exported/bounced.

If you have a serious inquiry about work from me- shoot it over to

Hell yeah mothafucka I italicize

If you try to contact me here, I might not see it.

Correction, I won't see it.

Anyway, go fuck yourself. I'm outtie 5000